“Mas Sombra, Toldos, Carpas y Estores” is a new project based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, created by Jorge Barranco.With more than 23 years of personal experience, he began working from a very young age in the workshop of his father, D. José Barranco, a highly skilled textil artisan who developed his work since the 60´s of the last century, collecting from him the passion for this work.

Initially he started as an apprentice and climbed through the different task of the company, being in charge, in a few years, of the workshop. In 2002, with the sudden death of his father, he inherited the family business with one of his brothers, and they developed the Toldos Canarysol brand.

In those 18 years, taking care of the daily and administrative management of the same, he never left the commercial job and personal contact.

It reached several milestones within sun protection on the islands, among them, the largest project by number of awnings ever carried out in the archipelago and with complete customer satisfaction, 1.013 units of awnings of different types for a hotel complex in Mogán. With this and other successes, he is creating his own personal brand, with highly loyal customers.

In September 2019, it stops working in the family business, launching in December its new brand, where the client is not a number, but the reason for being and the most important part of the project.

Our strengths

“Mas Sombra, Toldos, Carpas y Estores” bases its strength on the value of the people who compose it. All members of our company are professionals with extensive experience in the field of sun protection.





All of them to achieve our main objective:

Satisfaction for a well done job.