Aluminium pergolas

Pergolas reduce the impact of solar radiation

Aluminium pergolas allow to condition a living area, especially when it is covered with plants (vines, grapevines…) or with a special awning. Having a garden with a pergola located in the area where the house receives the most sun exposure helps to protect the walls from overheating and helps to stop the temperature from rising inside.

This is because when a plant is placed, nature will do its thing by absorbing heat and light through photosynthesis while, with the help of a canopy, it is possible to redirect the sun’s rays so that they do not impinge on the walls.

Pergola bioclimáticas barbacoas  Las Palmas - Mas Sombra

Pergolas help to take care of the external furniture

Moisture from rain and solar radiation is what causes the most damage to outdoor furniture no matter what material it is made of or how well it is prepared. A pergola covered with foliage and, even better, with a special awning, will extend the life of your furniture in a truly surprising way.

Pergolas can be made of various materials, the most common being wood. However, materials such as iron, aluminium and even, although it is not frequent, concrete has a place in this list.

Each option has its advantages, and the choice depends largely on taste, space, climate conditions and the dynamics that the material can offer. In this sense, aluminium pergolas offer advantages and conditions that cannot be found in other materials.

Advantages of aluminium pergolas


Aluminum is lighter than any other metal and much stronger than wood; therefore, easier to assemble and move.


They stand up well to corrosion, moisture and sun. Aluminium pergolas are very resistant to discolouration, they do not rot or have problems with mould or woodworm. They do not require maintenance apart from cleaning.


Easy to assemble or add elements such as trellises, hanging pots, curtains and other decorations.

Variety of designs

 The aluminum models range from art deco styles to the most modern styles, and offer textures and a variety of colours.


Any type of modification, expansion or alignment will be much easier to carry out on aluminium pergolas.

Solar protection

With our aluminium pergola, we can opt to cover the space with retractable wave awnings or stretched canvases, in a wide variety of colours and finishes, but always protecting us from the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, thanks to our certified fabrics in accordance to the UV801 Standard regulations.

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