Straight-line awning: Balcony and window awnings

Among the wide variety of awning models on the market today, balcony awnings are among the best known and most demanded. This type of straight-line awning is specially designed for installation on windows and balcony. The creation of new models allows to adapt it equally for other type of structures.

This is the first system that was designed for the installation of canvases on facades. For this reason it is one of the simplest, but also one of the most resistant to all kinds of circumstances including adverse weather conditions.

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In fact, when the installation is expected to be subjected to relatively strong winds, spring tensioned arms can be installed. This ensures safety and prevents constant movement of the fabric. This system is the standard in our production, not using the springless system in our assemblies

Framed within the type of roll-up system protectors, this type of terrace awning can be attached to the roof in the case of front models, or to the walls in the case of side designs. It is also possible to carry out a double support with total independence of the arm supports.

Advantages of balcony awnings

Automatic retrieval

This type of protectors allows the extension and retrieval both manually thanks to a lever, and without the need of human force. This is achieved with a small motor that can even be activated automatically through the corresponding mechanism that allows it to be programmed.

Maximum resistance

The materials with which the structure is usually manufactured are steel or stainless aluminium to guarantee lightness and, at the same time, the greatest resistance. For this reason, the maximum size of the awning is 2 meters with a line of up to 6 meters, so it is essential to ensure its stability.


Any type of material can be used for the type of canvas. The latest models of terrace awnings manufactured are based on the latest generation of acrylic fabrics. These materials have great advantages over the more traditional ones, especially because of their greater impermeability and resistance to wind.

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