Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas are solar protection systems that are placed in the garden or terrace and can be used all year round, even on the hottest or coldest days. Unlike conventional pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas are created from aluminium and adjustable slats. Therefore, depending on the weather conditions, the slats can be opened or closed to achieve the desired temperature.

This type of pergola is composed of an aluminum structure with adjustable and motorised slats. These slats are operated, in a totally silent way, thanks to a remote control. This system of slats offers openings from 0º to 145º, thus allowing too close or to ventilate the room as the user wishes.


Not only is it an aesthetic advantage, this movement allows full use of solar radiation, thus advocating absolute energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the bioclimatic pergolas are built with the highest quality materials, thus guaranteeing unlimited durability and zero maintenance.

As far as assembly is concerned, it is quick and easy, as no construction work is required to carry out the installation. There are no visible screws and all the electrical cables are hidden inside the profile, so the image of the bioclimatic pergola is impeccable.

Finally, it should be noted that this product is intended for individuals who want to enjoy their outdoor spaces every day of the year. It is also ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. In this way, they can make their terraces more productive for a much longer period of time.

Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas

As we have explained, the main characteristic of bioclimatic pergolas is their airtightness. If you want to spend a summer afternoon in the garden, thanks to its adjustable slats, you can block the entrance of sunlight so that temperatures do not rise excessively. But what are the other benefits of having one of these characteristics?


In addition to protecting you from the scorching heat, it also offers the ability to ventilate. By regulating the opening of the pergola, you can let more or less air in and even indicate where you want that air to go.


The aluminium pergolas are totally resistant and firm compared to other materials such as plastic or wood. In spite of bad weather, such as hail, snow or rain, bioclimatic pergolas will last in perfect conditions for much longer.


Our bioclimatic pergolas are 100% aesthetic and totally personalised, that is to say, they can be decorated to your taste. For example, you can add  LED lighting to enjoy the space even at night or, also, blinds, curtains, vertical awnings or screen, and even glass in case you want to close the space more.

Easy and simple assembly

Unlike other types of pergolas, these are easily installed without the need for endless construction work. The screws are not visible and all the cables are hidden between the bars.


Finally, it is also important to say that the pergolas can be placed in any space, that is to say, there can be pergolas for bar terraces, aluminium pergolas for gardens, etc.

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