Folding blinds

Folding Blinds are one of the most popular types of curtains among private individuals, especially in the context of residential decoration. These accessories provide a formal style with great decorative and modern character, thanks to a variety of colours and prints.

A blind is a curtain with successive folds of fabric, by means of cords that pass through rings sewn at the ends of each of the rods, which cross the blind from side to side. The rods give a modern look, with a regular and uniform fold.

If you prefer a more natural fall of the fabric, with a more casual style, inside the folding blind, ask for the pachetto model. Other models you can find in our catalogue are screen blinds.

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What are the advantages of Folding blinds?

It supports numerous fabric

As the requirements for a fabric to be used in this type of curtains are minimal: only a few simple tests of sizing and trimming straightness are necessary.

Easy to wash

the whole fabric is attached to a velcro that extends along the upper guide, so they can be easily removed, so you can wash them as often as you like.

Variety of models

 There are different models of blinds designed to satisfy all needs.


Preferably to be installed on bedroom or living room windows, this curtain adapts to any decoration thanks to its wide range of colours and fabrics available.

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