Terrace Awnings

The terrace awning, also known as the folding arm or the invisible arm, is a model of awning specially created for outdoor terraces, restaurants, shops and private homes.

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Advantages of the folding arm awning

Highest quality

This is a system of extendable arms with steel springs and internal springs with an outstanding design of sections and parts

Variety of colours

The folding awnings are made of thermo-painted aluminium, according to the QUALICOAT standards, in a great variety of colours.

Possibility of motorised control

The folding arm awnings for terraces have a system of manual operation with a handle or motorised with a remote control, button or automatic with a sun/wind sensor.

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What you should know about extendable arm awnings

Depending on the measurements of the facades where this type of awning can be installed, the outlets or advances of the folding arms can have different measurements. The minimum exit is 1.25 m and the maximum 5.00 m, depending also on the model of the awning to be installed.

The fabric of this type of cover can be PVC, acrylic canvas or micro-perforated. The colours are chosen by the customer, as many as he can imagine. In addition, the awning can be labelled or digitally printed with the name of your brand, business or company.

Which system to choose for your folding awning?

Within the range of the folding arm awnings there are several systems:

  • Stand-alone: for large dimensions (up to 15 meters)

  • Crossed system: it allows to give more movement to the arms, although the width of the awning is reduced.

  • Semi-casket: storage space to protect the canvas.

  • Casket: watertight closure for the protection of the canvas and arms.

  • Duplex: double system to unroll two folding awnings at the same time.

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