Vertical Awning

The vertical awning is an awning that has been designed to create a new space or to separate environments both at home and in commercial or industrial premises. It has a wide variety of functions both outside and inside.

It can be placed as a dividing curtain to separate different areas of use, for example, in a sports hall, an industrial building or a commercial area. 

We can use vertical awnings for terraces, balconies etc., and to keep them out of the sun and cool. In this case, it can be opaque or have a transparent window that will give it a more aesthetic appearance and allow light to enter the space where you place the awning blind.

Instalación y venta de toldo vertical en Las Palmas - Mas Sombras

Advantages of using a vertical awnings

More privacy

a vertical awning is the ideal complement to separate one room from another, both at home and in a business.

Protection from the sun

Roller blinds can become a must for a terrace or porch.

Avoiding draughts

One of the most efficient ways to protect a draughty area is with an awning of this type.

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What you should know about vertical awnings

The attachment of the vertical awning is different depending on the use it will be given or the place where it will be placed. This type of solution is perfect for separating rooms at home.

Vertical roll-up awnings for terraces or porches are solutions that we will get a lot out of use. It is also an ideal complement for commercial premises or industrial premises where we need to separate different rooms.

How does it work vertical awnings

  • The vertical awning cover is retracted upwards and the space it occupies is left free so the awning is unnoticed. Vertical roll-up awnings collect the awning fabric in a roller tube, just like any other curtain mechanism. It can be attached to the ceiling, between walls or in front and can be operated without a guide, with a cable guide or with a rod.

  • The vertical awning can be operated either manually, motorised or automatically. The fabric of this type of awning can be PVC, acrylic or micro-perforated canvas. The colours are chosen by the customer, as many as he can imagine.

  • The awning can be labelled or digitally printed with your brand, trade or company name. The structure of the vertical awning can also be lacquered in the colours that best match the space and the fabric of the awning itself.

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