Vertical blind

A vertical blind or vertical slatted curtain is slim, simple and elegant. This type of window solution combines the enormous possibilities of light regulated by slatted blinds with the sobriety and elegance of Japanese panels.

The mechanism of the vertical blinds allows both the orientation of the slats and the horizontal drawing-in of the curtain. A vertical blind is perfect for covering large windows, especially when these open up to the outside and to balconies. They are available in a variety of fabrics and slat widths of 89, 127 and 250 mm.

Mas Sombra - Diseño e instalación de Estores verticales en las palmas

Advantages of vertical blinds

Easy to clean

the vertical blinds are a very easy to clean light regulation system. They require hardly any maintenance, just a damp cloth or, in the case of occasional dirt, a stain-removal product.

Ideal as a complement to sliding doors

This system is perfect for large sliding doors on terraces. As they are easy to open and close and require minimum maintenance, it is the best solution.


Among the different products to dress windows, a vertical blind will always be the most economical option, especially in its quality/price ratio.

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How to choose the most suitable vertical blind?

Choosing one or another width of slat depends on personal preferences, as the choice is made for purely aesthetic reasons.

However, the space required for the installation and the opening, closing and retracting movement of the curtain must be taken into account. Functionally, any width of slat can be used indistinctly.

The slats of a vertical blind can be retracted in several different ways, according to our preferences: all to the right, all to the left, half to the left and half to the right, i.e. to both sides or to the centre (RC)

To keep the vertical blind slats taut, counterweights are added at their ends. In addition, the slats are connected by a chain, which keeps them together and at the same distance from each other.

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